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This is a uniquely designed piece which has been finely made in mahogany. It was commonly seen in solicitors offices, libraries or Schools in Britain in the 1920s. A highly practical bookcase made in three stacked sections. Indeed, this fairly large furniture item is very easy to disassemble and transport. Flat-pack furniture has been around for years, centuries even!

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This Globe Wernicke bookcase retains the original finish with numerous surface scratches. Namely on the inside of one of the sections and an irremovable water mark on the top which are both clearly shown in photos. The price reflects the condition. This is standard wear and tear for an item of this age and type. There are no chips around edges or corners and the structure is sound. The glass is in great condition with no chips or cracks. This item in perfect working order- the doors open smoothly and the sections stack neatly.


Background Reading- understanding more about this Globe Wernicke bookcase

The aesthetically driven Art Deco furniture was all the rage in the 1920s with sleek lines, geometric patterns and the use of new materials such as chrome. There was, however, still a requirement for well-made utilitarian furniture for the workplace. With the likes of Globe Wernicke creating school and library inspired items since the late 19th century, cool industrial style furniture was commonplace even in the glamorous twenties.

This is the sought after Globe Wernicke antique barristers’ bookcase.

Following a brief spell of receivership from 1932-34 Globe Wernicke began manufacture of its stacking bookcases, rather befittingly, across the globe- United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Globe Wernicke were well known for quality and craftsmanship.

These bookcases appear in auctions and internet sites regularly. They originally cost around 75 dollars. But, depending on age and condition, their value is considerably higher.

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Dimensions 134.5 cm