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Here you will receive tips on museum inspired curation of your home contents.

I worked in museums designing museum exhibitions for many years and I cannot help but arrange my home and my interior design shop in a similar way. The result though is, I think, meaningful and makes me happy.

A museum is home to a collection of historically significant objects and as such are places of learning. Museums of art and archaeology tell human stories often using everyday objects as illustration. Our homes are full of objects (the everyday and the unusual) that are significant to us, reflect the way we live and illustrate our life experiences.

The number of objects we accumulate is sometimes frightening. As a result, we are constantly weeding out what is useful to us and what is not, what is special to us and what we can move on.

Your home evolves with you and there will be some things that you cannot part with, that you still enjoy or that have sentimental value. Then there will be other things that you feel you can give up. The key is deciding what is still relevant in your life.

Most items have a value but whatever you do try and change in a green way: sell it, gift it, donate it, turn it into something else/upcycle, recycle it, and try not to bin it.

Your home is your special place and it is a time capsule of your life. It is your space and needs to make you feel happy. As in a museum setting, you are the curator of your collection- you author it, and you edit it.

 So, how do you turn your house full of stuff into a home full of soul? The answer is museum inspired! Read on …

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