Handling with care

For 3 Legged Duck founder Clare Flynn (née Watson) the fair selling and careful handling and delivery of interior items is in the blood. This is because her Grandad, Charles, founded C.H Watson & Son furniture business in the early 1950’s. His sone John worked for him from the age of 15. It was no surprise then that John took over in the early 70’s and continued to run the business successfully for more than 40 years.

So, with nearly 2 decades of experience working in the museum industry, Clare understands about the safety and care of an object. Furthermore, she is committed to ensuring the efficient delivery of your item from 3 Legged Duck interior design shop HQ to your door.

3 legged duck delivery

Each item is carefully packed reusing packaging wherever possible (3LD eco policy). 3 Legged Duck interior design shop will send your item via a reliable postal firm or reputable courier.

If your item is fragile or large/heavy we will provide a delivery quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at or by telephone on 07789905902

Delivery to Mainland UK
We carefully pack your item in-house and post to your door using a quality courier service.

International Shipping
Please contact us regarding international shipping. If you are based abroad and would like a quote please e-mail at