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This Scandinavian glass vase is in the style of Swedish Murano Sommerso art glass with the sleek characteristic droplet shaped centre. Dating from the 70s, this mauve beauty is a skilfully blown weighty piece. Stunning!



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This Scandinavian glass vase is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.


Background Reading- understanding more about this Scandinavian glass vase

Production Techniques/Methods:

Sommerso is Italian for ‘submerged’. This is the name for the Murano glassmaking technique where coloured glass is dipped/submerged into a different coloured molten glass. This is then blown into the desired form.

Sommerso technique was developed by Antonio Da Ross in the 1930s. This technique has since been used by many other makers. It is therefore hard to identify the manufacturer unless it is signed or labelled.

In the 1950s, Flavio Poli made this style world famous. Other makers include Galliano FerroFormia, Luigi Onesto, and Mandruzzato.


Scandinavian Design History:

The Scandinavian design style first featured in Skonvirke magazine which was launched in 1914. It became the new style of more accessible Arts and Crafts to compete with other emerging trends like the emore expensive and elitist Art Nouveau.

Scandinavian design as we know it today became apparent in the early 20th century in the five Nordic countries. It blossomed and thrived with gusto during the 30s.

Scandinavian designers were inspired by Constructivism and Functionalism. The fundamental principles were to establish peace and balance in the built environment and to make quality items which were going to last. This manifested in the use of natural materials and harmonious and neutral colour.

Scandinavian design didn’t reach international shores until the 1950s. It had and still have remarkable levels of popularity and award winning achievements.

See the work of the Scandinavian designers.


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Dimensions 26.5 cm