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This mid-century standard lamp is a quality piece with fine carving made from solid teak. It has been rewired with vintage style twisted fabric flex and new antique style bayonet fittings. 

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This mid-century standard lamp is in great condition with no damage and minimal signs of age. It has been rewired with vintage style twisted fabric flex, PAT tested and new antique style bayonet fittings.

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Background Reading- understanding more about this mid-century standard lamp

Humans have been carving wood since prehistoric times. The Clacton Spear, for example, is evidence of wood working in Palaeolithic times. It is thought that for as long as timber has been present, humans have utilised it for tool making, architecture and art.

For creating art, the 2 main methods of hand carving in wood are relief and engraving. These techniques have been around since ancient times.

The relief carving technique involves the use of a knife, chisel, gouge, or the modern chainsaw and removes the wood to reveal the raised design (in relief).

The engraving or chip carving technique is where knives or chisels are used to remove small chips of the material from a flat surface in a single piece.

Hardwood like mahogany and teak are harder to work but more durable than softwoods like pine which are more susceptible to the environment. Beginners usually start carving in softwoods.

Check out this link for museum quality examples of woodcarving from around the world.

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Dimensions 170 cm

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