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A wonderfully worn antique oriental rug dating from the late 19th/early 20th century.

The style and mixture of earthy and dark tones will work with pretty much any decor. The price reflects the condition but to me it is worth more than a perfect example- I have been looking for a Persian rug with this aesthetic for a long time!

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This large antique Oriental rug is in extensively worn condition. Photos show one small area where threads are showing. The price reflects the condition but I have been looking for a Persian rug with this aesthetic for a long time!

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Background Reading- understanding more about antique Persian rugs

Persian carpets are hand knotted on looms either horizontally or vertically. They have a very high density of knotting which is why they are so durable. The attention to detail is astounding- it is a precision craft.

The art of carpet weaving started with nomadic people in Iran over 2500 years ago. They were multipurpose items- used as wall hangings, blankets and on the floor to sit on. Knotted by hand, these carpets became status symbols and gained popularity in almost all countries throughout the ancient world. Trade increased and during the Middle Ages, Persian carpets found their way into rich homes in Europe.

The traditional carpets feature a variety of motifs and patterns usually depicting nature in a stylised geometric manner. Red, blue and light brown are the most popular colour palette.

We have talked about the high quality of the period hand knotted examples. Ironically a real period Persian rug is likely to have damage or mistakes- machine made is perfect. For example- the design of the one I have acquired is asymmetrical.

There is undoubtedly an enduring appeal for this century’s old homeware item. This very interesting BBC article explains in detail how artists and designers have and continue to be inspired.

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Dimensions 193 × 146 cm

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