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Antique mahogany side table on three bobbin turned legs from the Edwardian period. Perfect placed next to your favourite arm chair and there’s a handy shelf for display.

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This antique mahogany side table is a great quality piece, sturdy with minimal signs of wear and tear for age.

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Background Reading- understanding more about this antique mahogany side table

Mahogany is a hardwood which is solid, hardwearing and a dream to work with for antique furniture and cabinetry. There is no wonder it has been a very popular choice for furniture makers from the Georgian period right through to the Edwardian era.

It is commonly characterised as red/brown in colour but a golden shade is also available both originating from North and South America, Africa and the West Indies. These areas were once under British control which is why it was so widely exported into Britain. The name ‘mahogany’ is thought to come from the West Indies, but this is not known for certain.

Mahogany is virtually defect free possessing a straight, fine, and even grain. It was the first-choice timber in the mid-18thcentury. The over-harvesting of certain varieties has meant that the red/brown colour mahogany is becoming more rare.

Mahogany from Mexico and Fiji has a lighter colour and has been more commonly used in more recent years.

This wonderful material also resists wood rot so it is a favoured for the boat construction. It is also a ‘tonewood’ (possess tonal properties) that make them good choices for use in woodwind or acoustic stringed instruments.

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Dimensions 45.5 × 39.5 × 68 cm