Antique chest- 17th century


This is an amazing antique 17th century sword chest. What has this swashbuckling item seen and heard over the centuries? It has even been converted to a toolbox at some point and has evidence of being used as a work bench. The remnants of paint and accidental marks only add to the story of this piece.
It has only been in the shop for a couple of weeks with many admirers and has recently sold!
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This antique chest is very worn as one would expect given its age. The structure is sound and the hinges and catch are strong and functioning perfectly.

Delivery of this item would cost in the region of £50-60 depending on location in mainland UK (subject to change).

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Background Reading- understanding more about this antique chest

Antique chests are also commonly referred to as coffers or blanket boxes. They are one of the earliest forms of furniture and are a simple box construction design with a hinged lid. Usually made from solid oak planks, they are either pegged together or nailed with large flat head nails (known as clout nails).

Original antique chests mainly date from the 17th and early 18th centuries. The plain framework means they are strong and sturdy and survive! With dual purpose as seating or storage they are eternally useful. Earlier chests survive today- namely the painted wooden chest found in Tutankhamun’s tomb which is on display at the Grand Egypt Museum, Cairo.

They are often found with the most wonderful character and charm. Like this piece I have recently sold, I prefer the less refined, simple utilitarian, almost monastic style.

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