More about 3 Legged Duck interior design shop

Welcome to 3 Legged Duck’s unique world of museum inspired interior design
So, this is where you discover the museum design inspired home because you can create a home with soul. As a result you will find tips on creating a quirky interior design style home.

The shop is located in Rhayader and made special because it is at the start of the spectacular Elan Valley.

…and so, onto our Green policy:
The 3LD ethos is to run the business in as green a way as possible because, it feels like the right way:

  • Stock secondhand goods because they will be loved again and not discarded.
  • Source quality new handmade items because they are often made from sustainably sourced and/or reclaimed materials.
  • Reuse wherever possible
  • Or buy sustainably sourced materials and recycle because there is so much choice nowadays
  • I rarely print out design project documents because communication is done digitally
  • Be open to learning more green practices and share. This is because there will always be new materials and new approaches

For 3 Legged Duck founder Clare Flynn the fair selling and careful handling and delivery of interior items is in the blood. This is because her Grandad, Charles, founded C.H Watson & Son furniture business in the early 1950’s. Like father like son- John worked for him from the age of 15. As a result John took over in the early 70’s and continued to run the business successfully for more than 40 years.

As a result of nearly 2 decades of experience working in the museum industry, Clare understands about the safety and care of an object. Also, she is committed to ensuring the efficient delivery of your item from 3 Legged Duck interior design shop HQ to your door.