Art Deco sculpture by David Fisher


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Ceramic sculpture of a seated Pierrot by David Fisher for Austin Productions, 1984

This decadent piece oozes Art Deco glamour. David Fisher is a graduate of Greek Art College of Odessa, Ukraine. He worked for several decades as a sculptor in marble, granite, bronze, and wood.

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Considering its age and size this Art Deco style sculpture has only a few marks and areas where the paint has chipped off (which have been retouched so less prominent). There are no major chips or cracks. Close up photos to follow showing condition.


Background Reading- understanding more about the influence of this Art Deco style sculpture

Design History:

Originating in the 1920s the Art Deco style reflected the sleek lines of the machine age- streamlined, geometric and highly stylised. The influences on Deco were rich and varied namely Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and Cubism alongside decorative elements being referenced from Egyptian, Classical and American Indian. Common Deco motifs are sun-rays, foliage, animals and the female form.

The style was first exhibited in Paris in 1925 ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes’. This movement in decorative arts and architecture was also called ‘style moderne’ and was seen as a more fashionable version of modernism. Art Deco represented the luxury end of the market. If you wore and owned Art Deco items, you were seen as wealthy and sophisticated. This association with luxury and modernity was due to the very expensive materials and high calibre craftsmanship of Deco pieces. The best designers and makers were commissioned to fit out the great ocean liners. From ivory and silver inlays, diamonds, and platinum no expense was spared.

Art Deco became the principal style in the West during the 1930s and went out of favour during World War II. The 60s saw a revival and this style remains of great interest with prized examples held in museum collections all over the world.

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Dimensions 65 cm