Museum design meets interior design

When I set out to create an interiors shop I didn’t know what my interior design style would be. ‘Surely nearly two decades of museum exhibition design experience would have rubbed off on me?’ but I didn’t know how this would manifest. I simply bought lots of things I love and displayed them in the only way I knew how.

I will never forget, only a few days after we opened, the moment a lovely lady hovered excitedly at the shop door. She was wearing her muddy walking boots and was nervous to come in. I reassured her I wasn’t bothered about the state of her shoes and beckoned her in. She then asked ‘what is this place? Is it a museum, a gallery, a shop? …. or all three?!’.  Since this time, I have had numerous people make the same observation.

Discover the many aspects of a museum design inspired home- what I love and why, style and approach, how to care for your precious vintage, antique and handmade finds, and the latest on 3 Legged Duck museum design projects.


museum design inspired home

tips on transforming and preserving your treasure

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